Salle Privee

Salle Privee

SALLE PRIVÉE, the Amsterdam-based House of Design, brings the world a modernist collection of fragrances. Designed for men, but also to be adored and worn by women. The label’s wardrobe of enigmatic scents currently consists of eight fragrances: Kham-Sin, Le Temps Perdu, Super 8, Celluloid Heroes, Monochrome and Concorde, Legal and Illegal.


All eight fragrances relate to images of founder Patrick Munsters’ memories of passed times and pay tribute to his visual world of aesthetics and style. The disruptive 70’s, during which he grew up, play a significant role in his creative choices. It’s his favourite era of Art, Design, Architecture and Motoring – a period of reinvention. Through their references to innovation, each of SALLE PRIVÉE's exclusive perfumes is made to evoke a certain mood, fit a certain occasion or even highlight someone’s personality.

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