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Benu Blanc

Benu Blanc is above all a human adventure, a story of connection and conviction.

First of all, the meeting of the founders, the meeting of two different paths, one more scientific, the other centered on the human, the respect, the betterment and yet, the same passion, the same desire: to propose a new cosmetic, soft, respectful and of course effective.

Then, the encounter with a fascinating natural material, with incredible powers for the skin and its beauty: silk. The richness of its properties appears limitless, and its cosmetic benefits offer delightful perspectives.

It took the spark of Dr. Gérard Redziniak. His incessant curiosity, his boundless taste for knowledge, his unique ability to make science accessible have given life to Benu Blanc.

Today, Benu Blanc is a resolutely different brand, which unites silk in cosmetics and textiles to regenerate the skin intensely, deeply, sustainably; and all this, while sleeping.

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