Orens Paris

Orens Paris

What can you assemble from a garden like Orens other than exceptional flowers?
What if you gather so many of them to create a special bouquet?
The Kadou collection is an homage to the different flowers that could be found in the magical Orens garden.
Carved with the Rose, queen of flowers, as main symbol; the Kadou Collection is a vibrant floral bouquet that will take you on a mystical path throughout the garden where a noble iris and a shy lily of the valley blend with a delicate rose, and where cedar and sandal woods harmonize with patchouli to reflect a secretive oriental identity that seems to have escaped from Eden.

While on the road, the travelers encountered several signs they could not ignore.
They felt like hints of mysterious Orens were coming their way like in a clue gathering game. The Bazi Collection is an homage to the first hint that was found under an old gazebo with a diamond pattern on its ceiling.
The collection offers a wide spectrum of distinctive and captivating notes: from sweet whiffs of raspberries, to traces of a delicate rose gracefully blending with ginger, vanilla and incense to guarantee allure and originality.

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