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When the liturgy of the night flows from clarity to dream state, L’Insomnuit de Robert Piguet sings a siren song. Like a veil that embraces light and dark, calm and chaos, the fragrance conjures yearning with duality. The pairing of flowers, resins, and woods, plays like a haunting dreamscape. At once beautiful and unsettling, L’Insomnuit de Robert Piguet is the fragrant mystery that plays from dusk until dawn.

L’Insomnuit de Robert Piguet opens with a boozy, scintillating plum accord accentuated by bergamot and fir balsam. The heart of the scent is quick to open with explosive notes of iris absolu and iris concrete that excite and bother: A beautiful upset. Oud gestures to the sumptuous finale with its sinewy resin. Cedar, cipriol, and tonka absolu lay the woody footpath to the scent’s foundation with sandalwood burning like final velvety vapor from an extinguished candle.

L’Insomnuit de Robert Piguet: A perfume dreamscape.

A dark and mysterious perfume with a name that alludes to insomnia, is announced with an eerie but alluring campaign, Edgar Allan Poe style: "The new, haunting fragrance" that asks the question "What keeps you awake?", promising to bring #ChaosOfTheNight and #MidnightIris.Presented as dramatic and bewitching, L'Insomnuit combines flowers, resins and woods for a "haunting" midnight iris effect. The key notes include iris absolute, iris concentrate, tonka bean absolute, cedar and sandalwood.

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