Moth and Rabbit

Moth and Rabbit

Moth an rabbit is an experimental perfume brand founded in berlin in 2016 by elke filpes and christian choi, with an ambition to translate stories and emotions into olfactive products and experiences.

All the work of moth and rabbit is about creating products with a deeper sense of meaning and value that aid in human expansion and provide access to a deeper understanding of our society and smell in general. We believe that in order to create a new awareness for fragrances in the minds and hearts of the modern consumer, the creation of fragrance must begin by looking towards new olfactive inspirations that expand the meaning and the role that fragrances play in our lives. The principles of transformation and reproduction, symbols of moth and rabbit, define the way we produce and communicate the fragrances. Exceptional filmmakers, artists, individuals, who tell unique stories through their body of work serve as an inspirational brief to the perfumer, who translates exceptional stories into exceptional perfumes.

Moth and rabbit conceives perfumes using the highest quality materials available, and a minimalistic design approach with a blank of luxury and irony, to fuel a renewed approach to modern luxury. The fragrances are sold in 10 countries in a very high-end exclusive network worldwide.

We believe that through a multisensorical approach, we are able to create timeless products and endless stories, that inspire and connect people worldwide.

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