In the summer of 2012 Serge and Helen Mints were sitting in a cosy café on Promenade de la Croisette in the heart of the French Riviera watching the sun disappear on the horizon above the sparkling azure surface of the sea. The air was filled with passion and the view was deeply moving. A faint gourmand aroma was entwined with the sweet smell of tropical plants and a subtle Mediterranean breeze. This unique moment inspired the two so much that they decided to transform it into a magnificent fragrance.
Serge called his good friend and bought two tickets for a morning flight to Paris. Soon he and his wife Helen found themselves at their friend's cosy Champs-Élysées office to exchange some original ideas on the composition of the fragrance and its design. Serge and Helen, who had extensive experience in the luxury perfume industry, came to Paris to seek the advice of their friend, Juan Carlos Rustarazo, CEO and Founder of the Dome Agency - a true expert in luxury perfume development and design. Mr. Rustarazo had already created many products for such renowned brands as DSquared2, Boucheron and Ermenegildo Zegna. He was happy to accept the Mints' business proposal, and so a new creative team was born.
The first M.int's perfume, "Meek Passion", was created in late 2012 in collaboration with the world-famous perfumer Serge De Oliveira. Together they managed to recreate the fascinating interlace of scents that lingered by the Cannes seaside on that summer night. The M.INT brand was born in 2012 and officially registered in 2013 with the slogan "That Which Triggers Emotions". The brand name refers to the last name of the company's founders, Serge and Helen Mints, partners both in private life and in business.
The logo, a winged letter "M", is the first letter of the brand name and stands for creative freedom.

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