Absolument Parfumeur

Absolument Parfumeur

Pascal ROLLAND, founder of the Liquoristerie de Provence, is the visionary behind the return of Absinthe liquor. He launched Versinthe Absinthe in 1999, ending a century-old ban of absinthe started in France in 1915.
Always looking for new outlets of self-expression, Pascal stretched his creative wings and in 2005 produced the first perfume with absinthe, Absolument Absinthe, making him the first liquor-maker perfumer. Absolument Homme and Absolument Femme were next in the range, thus propelling Absolument Parfumeur into the select world of niche fragrances.
The mission of Absolument Parfumeur is to create exceptional perfumes with a dream: find the sublime perfume, the one that transcends all the others.

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