Founded in 2008, ScentStory is a modern perfume house committed to creating fragrances for perfume-connoisseurs.

Renowned to create unique fragrances, the brand blends scents to provide you with distinctive fragrant experiences which evoke emotional and colourful memories.

With a strong belief that fragrances are the perfect medium to tell stories, express feelings and emotions; olfactory delights concocted by ScentStory are powerful, obsessive and represent a universal, timeless language that requires no words or sounds. Its 24 range of fragrances is a burst of intense scents created by artisan-perfumers, and developed in the pure tradition of French fine perfumery.

As a global stakeholder in the niche fragrances market their fine perfumes are available in more than 25 countries, including UAE, KSA, the UK and the USA.

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